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We conduct these tests yearly, but are also able to perform any of the following services at the LandOwners request. Please Contact our Office for more information.




Irrigation Efficiency Tests:

One of the Goals of the District is to provide the mose efficient use of groundwater. One way this is accomplished is by conduction efficiency tests on Irrigation systems & wells at owners request.





Water Level Monitoring &well

IRS Depletion Program

The District has taken yearly measurements of around

90 wells since 1991. From this information, our Staff is able to construct Hydrographs & Monitor the water level trends of the Ogallala Aquifer within the Districts boundaries.






Water Quality

The District has performed 20 years of study on the water of Yoakum County. We conduct analysis on about 100 wells yearly & test for Seven Components: Chloride, Hardness, TDS, Fluoride, Iron, Nitrate and pH.







Well Permitting

The District enforces spacing & Production limitation rules requiring the permitting of all new Irrigation wells within the District. The landowner or autorized agent must come to our office to complete the application.






system2Agriculture Loan Program

In Februay 1992, the Texas Water Development Board approved Sandy Land to provide financing for the purchase of approved Conservation Equipment including Center Pivots, Drip Irrigation, & Sprinker Packages.






educationEducation Co-Op

This Program was created in 2007 by Sandy Land & three other Districts in the Area. The program is committed to providing opportunity for residents of all ages to learn about the importance of water as a precious resource and how to conserve it.